Because It Takes A Village

Help Build a World Where The basic needs of all children are met.


Living Water Children’s Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to ensuring quality of life for orphans and children in need.

LWCF supports projects that have a direct, measurable impact on the well being and/or academic education of children in need around the world. LWCF focuses on projects that are in regions or countries that have limited access to funding resources or where funding resources are insufficient to meet the needs of children.


Online Learning for Ukraine's Refugee Children

More than half of Ukraine’s children have been displaced from their homes since February. Help Living Water Children’s Fund provide electronic devices and other supplies for access to online learning at Sokal Lyceum, a school providing teachers for classes through the Online Lviv Regional School for Refugees.

Micro Loans for Haitian Mothers

Micro loans can be a lifeline for families in Haiti, providing more than a means of temporary support and opening a path to self-sufficiency. Help Living Water Children’s Fund provide support for 7 micro loans of $150 to mothers of children with disabilities in through Pazapa’s Ti Commerce micro loan program.

What We Do