Emergency Food Relief Fundraiser for Border Camp in Matamoros, Mexico

$190 of $1,000 raised

Since July, 20, 2019, (the beginning of the Remain in Mexico policy established by US Immigration policies) thousands of asylum seekers have been living in squalor in and around the concrete plaza on the Mexican side of the Gateway International Bridge in Matamoros, Mexico. As the number of people waiting to make their asylum request grows, their safety and well-being is more and more at risk due to criminal activity of the cartels. While they wait they have little access to food, water, showers, medical care, legal help, and, for the children, school.

Team Brownsville is a group of volunteers who have organized to provide some of these basic services. They offer breakfast and dinner, and a school program called “Escuelita de la Banqueta” that provides basic instruction in a variety of curriculum areas.

Of course, all of this costs money. But you don’t have to go to Brownsville to help. An LWCF board member is going with a small team to volunteer for one week with Team Brownsville. As part their volunteer commitment, they will be providing dinner for two nights and teaching in the school program. Volunteers pay for the food for up to 1000 people a night and that’s where you can help from your own living room.  $2,000 have already been raised and we hope to raise $1,000 more to help meet the goal for this service trip to volunteer with Team Brownsville. Your donation will help with those meals and assure that there is a nutritious dinner to sustain the adults and children to wait for yet another day in hopes of finding the safety and future they so desperately seek. Every dollar you donate will go directly to the food for those two nights. You CAN make a difference!

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