Learn more about our projects and initiatives, funded by our generous sponsors and donors, which help to support children in need throughout the world to flourish in a caring environment.

LWCF in Africa

Living Water Children’s Center (LWCC), Tanzania.

Orphaned and at-risk children cared for by LWCC progress through Yakini Primary and the new Yakini Secondary School. The campus in Kisongo includes dorms, classrooms, labs, offices, and a new, state-of-the-art LWCF-funded playground. The teachers and staff are dedicated to preparing students for success in school and beyond.

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Albinism Project

Persons with Albinism are at high risk in East Africa, where the condition is prevalent. Because they are the victims of vile superstitions perpetrated by witch doctors, children are in the most danger. 

LWCF is now housing, educating, and guarding 15 children with Albinism and we are supporting more in regional centers.

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Dorothy Schwartz Community Centre, Kenya

DSCC is a school in a Nairobi slum. LWCF supports its 450 students with a breakfast program, school supplies, and furniture. Currently, 36 promising students from DSCC are being sponsored in secondary school by LWCF.

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Sherry Fine and Joanne McManus Academies, Tanzania

SFA and JMA are primary schools educating children, ages 4–7, including orphans and some with special needs. LWCF support has been critical in the schools’ development and expansion.

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LWCF at the border

LWCF has a special project at Annunciation House in El Paso, Texas, to assist asylum seekers. Board members have volunteered by locating sponsors, making meals, driving, and translating for clients. LWCF is sending books and stuffed animals for children and tote bags to be used as asylum seekers continue their journeys to cities throughout the U.S.

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LWCF in Myanmar

LWCF supports the work of Bikkhu Eindaka, a monk dedicated to the education and advancement of the children living on the shores of Samkar Lake. We fund education, ethics and self-development programs, and vocational opportunities. We partner with a number of Bikkhu’s former students who hope to develop a generation of capable youth who will become an integral part of this nascent democracy.

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LWCF in Haiti

Eagle School teaches youth in the southern coastal town of Jacmel. The children at Eagle get a solid foundation as they begin their education. The staff is nurturing and caring. LWCF has assisted with school supplies, and construction materials. There are opportunities to sponsor children who would otherwise not be in school.

The SAKALA Project is located in the notorious slum of Cité Soleil in Port au Prince. Started in 2006, SAKALA blends sports with youth leadership education, after school activities, gardening, community development, and peace education in a safe environment. The focus of the project is to divert young slum residents from the influence of gangs. LWCF has supplied a computer lab and sports equipment. SAKALA is staffed by a determined team of young men and women dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk children and ultimately to improving their country.

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LWCF’s Special Projects

Through generous grants from Belizean Grove, a New York based philanthropic group, LWCF has been able to support:

  • A prosthetics project in Haiti, giving a life-changing gift to children with limb loss.
  • An art creation program in Haiti’s Cite Soleil slum, developing skills, and making trash into profitable treasure .
  • Appropriate clothing and self-care training for children with albinism in Tanzania’s special settlements.
  • Latrines, showers, a retaining wall, building material, and flood relief at an orphanage in Myanmar.
  • Sex education training and sanitary pads in the Mukuru slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Additional Initiatives